Location: Greenwich Peninsula, London, UK
Client: Knight Dragon
Consultants: Whitby Wood, Skelly & Couch, Artelia, Optimise
Cost: £1M

[ 1606 ]

Building C3 fronts the main square of the Design District as well as the District’s eastern edge to Phoenix Avenue. It also sits beside the market building, helping enclose the market courtyard to the north. A double-height bar/restaurant is placed at the ground level of the building, addressing the square. The bar/restaurant seating spills into the square, where direct sunlight is available at lunch times.

The building positions it’s core in the centre of the plan, minimising circulation and maximising daylit space at the perimeter. A single top-lit general stair doubles as an escape stair. Entry to the rentable space from the core is available in two directions. An undulating facade of vertical white battens wraps the exterior of the building. The undulation works to break down the building mass from the outside and create informal pools of space on the inside. Windows in the undulating facade line face different directions, like bay windows.

C3 View from square 2.jpg

The top floor is characterised by its inward falling hip roof, made of resin-faced plywood. The hipped roof resolves in two small courtyards for users at the top floor. The exposed ribs of the roof structure are visible from the public realm, hinting at the spaces within. An irregular eave line is created by the undulating facade meeting the straight pitched roof.