Parliament Complex, Baghdad, Iraq

International architecture competition for the new $1Bn Iraqi parliamentary building complex and 50 Ha masterplan. Scheme includes architectural designs for landmark buildings (eg House of Representatives and Federal Council), and surrounding buildings and courtyards, as well as an urban design for the surrounding city context.
[ 1111 ] Iraqi Council of Representatives


Urban Framework, Thamesmead, London, UK

Area-wide vision for the town and associated landscape of Thamesmead, London. The study involves an extensive analysis of existing urban conditions, and proposals for new and existing developments across Thamesmead. Outputs include a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), providing an area-wide spatial framework and key principles guiding all future development. 
[ 0709 ] London Boroughs of Bexley & Greenwich


Settlement Prototype, International

International architecture competition for the design and construction of multiple new Iraqi settlements including urban, architectural and landscape design proposals. The scheme includes progressive approaches to vehicle and pedestrian movement, architectural strategies for repetition reducing cost, and the embedment of social infrastructure buildings and designed landscape. 
[ 1108 ] United Nations


Holy City Masterplan, Al-Kadhimiya, Iraq

International architecture competition for the $1Bn regeneration of the Holy City of Kadhimiya. Scheme includes architectural designs for large new buildings (library and archive for 50,000 volumes, mosque, 10,000 seat eating hall, administration, security buildings, logistics facility) and masterplan addressing the historic fabric of the Medina.
[ 0905 ] Mayor of Baghdad


Economic Settlement, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Urban and architectural design for a new settlement of 3500 people. Scheme includes: 15 Ha masterplan, designs for all housing types, 4 schools, suq, medical facilities, administration buildings, and all ancillary buildings and structures. 
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Construction & Housing


Urban Regeneration, North Lawndale, Chicago, USA

International architecture competition for the regeneration of inner-city Chicago, addressing both urban and architectural scales. 
[ 0521 ] Chicago Architecture Club


High-density Settlement, Al-Tajeyat, Iraq

25 Ha masterplan and architectural design of multi-residential scheme including all housing and services buildings. The proposals included multiple scenario testing and the negotiation of major utilities positioning. 
[ 1203 ] Sections & Company


Character + Capacity Study, Dacorum, Hertfordshire, UK

Assessment of urban characteristics of Dacorum’s towns and villages to guide urban design policies in the Council’s new LDF. The assessment makes a rigorous analysis across an array of criteria ranging from heights, densities, and setbacks, to materials/textures and street-scape elements. A series of specially selected sites were tested across the Borough for their capacity to absorb further housing. Particular account was taken of the Dacorum Urban Design Assessment in order to determine appropriate massing and plot configurations for new development. The findings of the study were used to extrapolate estimates for housing capacity for the wider Borough. The project included training of Dacorum BC planning officers with the new recommendations. 
[ 0506 ] Urban Practitioners


Stoke-on-Trent, UK 

Short-listed competition entry for the complete redesign of Stoke-on-Trent’s central city street-scape and squares. The scheme proposes strong landscape rejuvenation, clarified city quarters, and a central circular viewing tower from which to appreciate the unique Staffordshire topography. 
[ 0623 ] Stoke-on-Trent City Council


Blackhorse Lane, London, UK

Alteration and further development of an existing masterplan. The study includes reconfiguring building heights and placements, calculation of dwelling unit types and densities, and resolution of parking and access configurations. 
[ 0615 ] Urban Practitioners


Eastham, Newham, London, UK

A development study for the historic Town Hall precinct in East Ham, London. The study area takes in a number of listed buildings over two city blocks, including the Town Hall, Old Technical College, Town Hall Annexe, and Old Gym.Radically, the study proposes a new civic space parallel to Barking Road which works to group the historic buildings and focus new development. Indicative companion housing projects are also proposed. Whilst achieving required yields and meeting London Plan and Local Plan constraints, the proposed buildings maintain a dynamism and strong urban quality. 
[ 0611 ] Urban Practitioners


Leyton, Waltham Forest, London, UK 

Future loading on the transport infrastructure of this area of London was analysed in this study by desk modelling the housing capacities of available and up coming sites in the surrounding catchment area. 
[ 0618 ] Urban Practitioners


Dover town centre, Dover, UK

Analysis and masterplan strategies setting out urban principles for Dover, together with a sequence of site studies along the two main spinal routes of the central district. The studies and recommendations are for a variety of urban elements including built form, open space, axes and sight-lines, water, vegetation, and not least, the extraordinary local topography.
[ 0515 ] Urban Practitioners


Wood Green, London, UK

Commercial site study, existing building study, capacity study, and scenario testing. 
[ 0622 ] Urban Practitioners


Gants Hill, London, UK

Housing capacity study of the Gants Hill roundabout/Tube station area. The study proposes an indicative master-plan to test and confirm proposed unit densities and massing. The study examines a number of issues in detail: access, car parking, circulation, amenity space, unit geometries; unit type mixes and architectural layout, tenure options, massing, and daylight penetration.
[ 0516 ] Urban Practitioners


Clapham Baths, Clapham, London, UK

Options analysis for development of the urban block fronting Clapham High Street containing Clapham Baths. As the site is surrounded by established residential streets, contains existing mixed uses, and engages two Conservation Areas, the development options proposed strike a complex balance between market expectations and planning constraints.  
[ 0512 ] Urban Practitioners


Sixfields, Northampton, UK

Design for a District Centre involving the formulation of new residential, retail, and industrial areas and considerable alteration of local highways. The study contributed to the Council’s Area Action Plan and assisted the determination of current applications. 
[ 0423 ] Urban Practitioners


Gravesend, Kent, UK 

Strategic design framework for Gravesend and surrounding hinterland. The study involved a careful analysis of the existing town and district and included indicative master plans of focus areas.  
[ 0412 ] Urban Practitioners


Low-rise Housing Settlement, Al Ameria, Iraq

Text required
[ 1102 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction



Council of Representatives, Baghdad, Iraq

Part of the Iraq Parliament scheme, the Council of Representatives building stands as one of the primary elements. The forms of the landmark buildings are stable, elemental forms sitting firmly on the ground. Their raised profiles read clearly above the firm horizontal datum of the low rise fabric. 
[ 1111 ] Federal Government of Iraq


Community Centre, Cranbrook, UK 

A site study exploring options for redevelopment of an existing community facility. The study focuses on issues such as area and unit yields, parking, amenity, potential uses, plot distribution, and massing. 
[ 0701 ] Urban Practitioners


New Quarter, Kadhimiya,  Iraq

Part of the Holy city masterplan. On the disused space to the west of the centre a collection of major new buildings is proposed, formed around a new primary western axis from the Shrine. The buildings are strategically arranged on a raised plane, which carries a large variety of logistical services inside, but which also allows a vehicle-free environment at surface level for the large number of visitors. The new Mosque, Library, Religious School, and religious/general administration buildings are assembled here. Dramatically top-lit Eating Halls are placed at natural ground level adjacent the local urban street pattern, for easy movement from all sides. 
[ 0905 ] Baghdad Mayoralty


Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK 

Study addressing the development possibilities and technical problems raised by two major landslips in the sloping terrain of Cliffs Gardens at Southend-on-Sea. A public gallery and museum is proposed on one of the slip sites, taking advantage of the vigorous topography, garden setting, and extensive views. 
[ 0523 ] Urban Practitioners


Health Centre, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement.  
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Mosque, Al Almeria, Iraq

Part of the new low-rise housing settlement. 
[ 1102 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Mosque, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement.  
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Administrative Building, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction



University Engineering Faculty, Doha, Qatar

New mini-campus for the engineering departments at Qatar University, Doha. The design creates finger-like buildings housing six departments, each with a top-lit internal street forming a hive of department activity. Buildings and nodes have distinct entrances and identities to assist way-finding. Connecting all are a variety of common hubs, courtyards, and a larger scale seed pod of common facilities shared between departments. 
[ 1106 ] Qatar University


Education Landscape,  Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

Ubiquitous perimeter security fencing is here replaced with careful topographic design, connecting the play space with its surrounding landscape. A dynamic central spine element performs multiple functions: houses play functions along its length; links park and play space levels; mixes equipment for different age groups; provides shelter and enclosure; organises and centralises circulation; and provides access to high level play equipment. 
[ 0620 ] Urban Splash


University Residential + Faculty Buildings, Baghdad, Iraq

New university teaching and residential buildings providing: facilities for the departments of mathematics and physics, administration offices, rooms for PhD candidates, and a Halls of Residence for postgraduates. The design posits a central courtyard which acts as a focus for landscaping, entrances, circulation, shared cafes, and meeting rooms - the communal heart. The buildings adopt a common material palette but have radically different characters: teaching spaces project into and engage the courtyard; the residential wing is introverted with enigmatic screened bedroom bays (as traditional Baghdadi shanashils).           
[ 1006 ] Al-Nahrain University


Geological Outpost, Nunavut, Canada

A deployable live/work structure that adapts its form in accordance with the extreme seasonal adjustment of site and climate, using as mechanism the change of state of water. The structure consists of three segments addressing water (regelation) air (accretion) and ground (levitation). 
[ 0001 ] British Antarctic Survey


Halls of Residence, Haringey, London, UK

Multi-site study and proposals, including major alteration of existing Halls of Residence and Victorian estate houses, and a new events building set in woodlands. 
[ 0727 ] Guy Chester Centre


Library + Religious School, Kadhimiya, Iraq

Part of the Holy city masterplan. The Library and Religious School buildings are paired inside a large architectural decorative screen. Movement through the screen and building portals and interstitial spaces is rich with spatial complexity and interplay of natural daylighting. Separate reading rooms for men and women crown the Library building in the intense booklined reading rooms on the top storeys. In relative contrast, the Religious School building has layers of formal teaching rooms at entry level, but which breaks into an informal assembly of rooms and elevated small courtyards higher up where the residential community of scholars live.
[ 0905 ] Baghdad Mayoralty


Ideas Stores, Tower Hamlets, London, UK 

Part of the rejuvenation of libraries in the London borough of Tower Hamlets via the Idea Store initiative. The study scourers the borough for suitable sites and systematically reports on their suitability. Four sites were identified and feasibility studies run on each, assessing access, massing and architectural issues
[ 0513 ] Urban Practitioners


Primary School, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Text required.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Construction & Housing


Kindergarten, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Text required.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Construction & Housing


Small Schools Movement, Chicago, USA

Part of the Neighbourhoods Network/Urban Strings Masterplan. Drawing from the 'Small Schools' movement, new schools - for 200 students and grades K-4 or 5-8 - are proposed to link to new housing and be open to all residents. Each school would offer a unique facility, allowing public use and fitting within a network of services shared by surrounding existing schools. Project was completed in collaboration with Adam Lubinski.
[ 0521 ] Chicago Architectural Club


Research Shack, Brisbane, Australia

Text required
[ 9701 ] Private


Community Facility, Haringey, London, UK

This scheme seeks to intensify use of existing allotments, provide a public education resource, and establish links between important local landmarks. A small market pavilion is created in a neglected corner of the Fuel Lands allotment perimeter to Coldfall Wood. The pavilion provides a grower's market and an education facility A new path picks it’s way through the trees from the pavilion down to the playing fields. A day out is now possible: market visit, walk in the woods, playing on the fields. 
[ 1001 ] London Borough of Haringey via the RIBA



Economic Housing, Islington, London, UK

The overall accommodation program is broken down and expressed as individual buildings addressing the two street frontages of St John’s Grove and Brookside Road. To Brookside Road, four 1-bed apartments are placed whose ground floor mass continues to St John’s Grove to create a plinth which contains two 2-bed apartments with gardens front and back. Across the plinth then stand two 2-bed maisonettes articulated as individual architectural forms facing St John’s Grove.
[ 1311 ] Peabody


Social + Supported Housing, The Haven, London, UK

£3M new-build social and supported housing scheme in Islington. Project included: site reconfiguration; funding preparation; repeated scenario testing for planning, environmental, and community issues; reconciliation of neighbouring uses. Breeam ‘Excellent’, Code 4.
[ 1003 ] Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association, West London Mission


High-density Apatrment Buildings, Al-Tajeyat, Iraq

Part of the new high-density housing settlement.  
[ 1203 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Residential Facility, Highbury, London, UK

Major alteration and extension Katherine Price Hughes House a multi-storey residential facility in Highbury for previous offenders. 
[ 0801 ] West London Mission


Terraced Housing,  Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement. 
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Apartments,  Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement. Text required. 
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Mews Housing, Lawndale, Chicago, USA

Part of the Neighbourhoods Network Masterplan. The scheme proposes urban ‘strings’ of new mews-like streets threading across Chicago’s wide grey-stone street grid, bringing much-needed density and services to the impoverished Lawndale area. Lined with economical low rise housing, the strings align to form protected routes to proposed schools at the neighbourhood scale. Project was completed in collaboration with Adam Lubinski..
[ 0521 ] Chicago Architectural Club


Housing Typology, Al Ameria, Iraq

Part of the new low-rise housing settlement. 
[ 1102 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Beach Housing, Entertainment City Beach, Doha, Qatar

Site design and massing scheme including proposals for a series of high value beach-front residences. 
[ 1112 ] Private


Prototype House Mock-up, Iraq

Sample prototype house constructed under Ministry scrutiny demonstrating proof of concept and proposed insulated concrete form (ICF) technology. 
[ 1205 ] State Commission for Housing


Multi-residential City Block, Bethnal Green, Hackney, London, UK

A mixed use, full-block multi-residential scheme for Workspace on the Parmiter Industrial Estate. The building has small commercial at ground floor and residential to upper floors on an inner-city London site. A new ground plane of amenity space for residents is formed over the commercial parking in the central block area. Units are clustered in groups around cores and provided with generous private outdoor space.     
[ 0601 ] Urban Practitioners


Terraced Housing, Chiswick Goodsyard, Chiswick, London, UK 

Development site study and scenario testing for new multi-residential development. The schemes address difficult geometry and access yet enhance the secluded setting. Originally a goods yard and lay-by adjacent to an active railway station, the triangular site is here transformed to accommodate nine one-bedroom units each with private external space. The challenge of the site shape and the architectural design of the units (together with its solutions to acoustic, access, and overlooking issues) creates a unique development. 
[ 0420 ] Westgreen Construction Ltd


Communal Housing, Järvenpää, Finland

Text required. 
[ 0903 ] Järvenpää Municipality


Apartments, Upton Lane, Forest Gate, London, UK

Change of use and major refurbishment to create residential apartments.           
[ 0406 ] Private


Apartments, Ham Park Road, Clapton, London, UK

Extension and conversion of existing commercial building to create apartments. 
[ 0301 ] Private


Apartments, Copenhagen Street, Islington, London, UK

Change of use and creation of apartments. 
[ 1002 ] Private


Apartments, Capel Road, Manor Park, London, UK

Building extension to create residential apartments. 
[ 0507 ] Private

Art Student Housing, Brisbane, Australia

Designed as shared accommodation for art students, this building is arranged as a series of introverted sleeping chambers accessed from large open verandahs and common facilities.The design concentrates on questions of climate, topography, and material detailing in a way redolent of some Asian architectures. The fabric draws on a small palette of durable self finishing materials such as copper, fibre cement, and red ironbark. Normally manufactured items were all hand made on site. 
[ 0902 ] Rosebery Investments



Headquarters, Reigate, London, UK

Extension of Reigate’s former registry building to form new office headquarters for a private company. The new work takes the form of a three storey free-standing extension building, set off from the existing Victorian building. A large wing-like element entirely wraps one long elevation and the roof, shielding the interior from the southern sun and unifying a striking three storey high circulation zone within. 
[ 0616 ] Fileturn Holdings Ltd


Hotel, Karbala, Iraq

New multi-storey 300 room, five-star hotel with mixed leisure and retail uses. The hotel is conceived as an articulated wall building which protects a hidden landscape courtyard in the enfolded arm of it's "L" plan. Large lower level storeys house a mixed use of retail, leisure, restaurants, and hotel facilities. Common spaces and circulation is focused at the 'hinge' at upper levels, and individual room entrances are stepped for privacy. Elevations are populated with large-scale lined window frames expressing the individual rooms within; multi-level shaded glazing forms plinth edges below.
[ 1007 ] Sunshine Engineering & Construction


Graphic Design Studios, Chiswick Station House, Chiswick, London, UK

This Grade-II listed station office was disused and in poor repair. A dynamic design utilised an existing sub-floor void and added a mezzanine and glazed entrance to reorder circulation and open up the buildings spaces. A blend of sympathetic restoration and exciting contemporary architectural detail transformed the building into a modern desirable office space. 
[ 0410 ] Westgreen Construction Ltd & Gregory Bonner Hale


Hotel, Baghdad, Iraq

New mixed-use building in Baghdad’s historic district, accommodating a new boutique hotel, functions and events facilities, and restaurant and bar.
[ 1110 ] Al-Khan


Bar + Restaurant, Upper High Street, Epsom, UK

High specification bar and restaurant in central Epsom, incorporating custom designed furniture and lighting throughout. 
[ 0413 ] CSJ & Partners


Market, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement. Text required
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction



Free-span House, Woodsyre, Sydenham, London, UK

The capability of materials to form space sometimes outstrip their social use. In this house, the original 60’s free-spanning structure had been buried in a cellular Victorian plan, reflecting suburban domestic values of the day. This project therefore radically opens the spaces, matching the promise of the original structure, and synchronising the use with today’s living practices. The scheme includes a striking suspended system of joinery which branches off the original structure.
[ 0415 ] Private


Diplomatic Residence, Holland Park, London, UK

£9M major alteration and extension of mansion house with diplomatic functions. In the major refurbishment and fitout of the grade II listed mansion house, the scheme pursues the dual approach of careful restoration of the original listed building and the insertion of room-like contemporary elements manufactured off site and placed in the floor plan like pieces of furniture.  The scheme also includes a large underground new-build leisure facility and dining hall. The 500 sqm extension to the rear of the property accommodates major new spaces including a large ceremonial dining hall, swimming pool, and related leisure facilities. The other-worldliness of the underground extension is exploited architecturally, with major rooms/halls reading as separate buildings set within an abstracted water landscape. A fully landscaped garden is reinstated over the extension. 
[ 0623 ] Qatari royal family


House for Art Students, Brisbane, Australia

Designed as shared accommodation for art students, this building is arranged as a series of introverted sleeping chambers accessed from large open verandahs and common facilities.The design concentrates on questions of climate, topography, and material detailing in a way redolent of some Asian architectures. The fabric draws on a small palette of durable self finishing materials such as copper, fibre cement, and red ironbark. Normally manufactured items were all hand made on site. 
[ 0902 ] Rosebery Investments


Screen House, Majestic Outlook, Brisbane, Australia

New family house in Brisbane, Australia. The scheme leads with a large folded exterior screen which works to encircle and protect the spaces from the subtropical sun and provide privacy. A rich spatial environment results inside, with internal and external rooms intermingling and sharing material and atmospheric qualities. Shaded outdoor space is provided at multiple levels including a ‘crows nest’ at the top for views, special meals, and occasional sleeping in the summer. 
[ 0716 ] Private


Reclaim House, Guildford,UK 

Alteration and refurbishment of an existing children's home into a large mansion house in Guildford. Existing major rooms are retained and restored with new elements strategically introduced to complement the house’s stature and excellent siting. Circulation and secondary spaces are completely reconfigured and rebuilt adding a new ease and lightness to the house. A new swimming pool and leisure facilities are discretely created in the basement, benefiting from new light-wells and landscaping at ground level.
[ 0715 ] Private


Coach House, York Road, Guildford, UK

Conversion of a listed coach house into residential use.  
[ 0706 ] Private


House Below, Montpelier Terrace, Knightsbridge, London, UK

Major extension of residence.
[ 1404 ] Private


Pavillion House, Herne Hill, Dulwich, London, UK

Extending this large house in South London relies on an ambiguity in the new work as a house extension or as a detached garden entity. The glazed 'pavilion' with its planted roof cuts into and extends the existing kitchen, connecting it to the landscape beyond. Previously lost, the original rear façade with its bay window is returned to the garden elevation. Internally, services and clutter are absorbed by two dynamic walls, leaving a floating oak bench and seat to lead the composition. 
[ 0302 ] Private


House, Bloomfield Road, Highgate, London, UK

Alteration and extension of a mansion house. 
[ 1206 ] Private


Apartment, Ridgmount Gardens, Fitzrovia, London, UK

Major refurbishment of Bloomsbury mansion apartment. 
[ 0505 ] Private


House, Little Boltons, Chelsea, London

Major extension to existing listed residence.
[ 0708 ] Private


Apartment, Emperor’s Gate, Kensington, London, UK

Alteration to residence. 
[ 0604 ] Private


House, Melbourne Grove, Dulwich, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension.
[ 0907 ] Private


House, Fawnbrake Avenue, Southwark, London, UK

Alteration and extension of residence.
[ 0714 ] Private


House, Shelbury Road, Dulwich, London, UK

Residential extension. 
[ 0717 ] Private


House, Woodwarde Road, Southwark, London, UK

Residential alteration.
[ 1403 ] Private


House, Oakdale Road, London , UK

Residential alteration and refurbishment.
[ 0605 ] Private


House, Underhill Road, Camberwell, London UK

Residential extension and major refurbishment. 
[ 0520 ] Private


House, Hitherwood Drive, Dulwich, London, UK

Residential extension. 
[ 0517 ] Private


House, Love Walk, Camberwell, London, UK

Residential extension. 
[ 0519 ] Private


Apartment, Evering Road, Hackney, London, UK

Residential alteration.     
[ 0514 ] Private


House, Talbot Road, Seven Sisters, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension.
[ 0421 ] Private


House, Upstall Street, Camberwell, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension. 
[ 0405 ] Private


House, Maria Terrace, Stepney Green, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension. 
[ 0402 ] Private