Education Landscape,  Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

Ubiquitous perimeter security fencing is here replaced with careful topographic design, connecting the play space with its surrounding landscape. A dynamic central spine element performs multiple functions: houses play functions along its length; links park and play space levels; mixes equipment for different age groups; provides shelter and enclosure; organises and centralises circulation; and provides access to high level play equipment. 
[ 0620 ] Urban Splash


Geological Outpost, Nunavut, Canada

A deployable live/work structure that adapts its form in accordance with the extreme seasonal adjustment of site and climate, using as mechanism the change of state of water. The structure consists of three segments addressing water (regelation) air (accretion) and ground (levitation). 
[ 0001 ] Research


University Engineering Faculty, Doha, Qatar

New mini-campus for the engineering departments at Qatar University, Doha. The design creates finger-like buildings housing six departments, each with a top-lit internal street forming a hive of department activity. Buildings and nodes have distinct entrances and identities to assist way-finding. Connecting all are a variety of common hubs, courtyards, and a larger scale seed pod of common facilities shared between departments. 
[ 1106 ] Qatar University


Primary School, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of an urban and architectural design for a 15 Ha masterplan new settlement of 3500 people.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Construction & Housing


Kindergarten, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of an urban and architectural design for a 15 Ha masterplan new settlement of 3500 people.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Construction & Housing

University Residential + Faculty Buildings, Baghdad, Iraq

New university teaching and residential buildings providing: facilities for the departments of mathematics and physics, administration offices, rooms for PhD candidates, and a Halls of Residence for postgraduates. The design posits a central courtyard which acts as a focus for landscaping, entrances, circulation, shared cafes, and meeting rooms - the communal heart. The buildings adopt a common material palette but have radically different characters: teaching spaces project into and engage the courtyard; the residential wing is introverted with enigmatic screened bedroom bays (as traditional Baghdadi shanashils).           
[ 1006 ] Al-Nahrain University


Library + Religious School, Kadhimiya, Iraq

Part of the Holy city masterplan. The Library and Religious School buildings are paired inside a large architectural decorative screen. Movement through the screen and building portals and interstitial spaces is rich with spatial complexity and interplay of natural daylighting. Separate reading rooms for men and women crown the Library building in the intense booklined reading rooms on the top storeys. In relative contrast, the Religious School building has layers of formal teaching rooms at entry level, but which breaks into an informal assembly of rooms and elevated small courtyards higher up where the residential community of scholars live.
[ 0905 ] Baghdad Mayoralty


Halls of Residence, Haringey, London, UK

Multi-site study and proposals, including major alteration of existing Halls of Residence and Victorian estate houses, and a new events building set in woodlands. 
[ 0727 ] Guy Chester Centre


Library, Helsinki, Finland

Competition entry for the design of the new Helsinki Central Library.
[ 1204 ] City of Helsinki

Small Schools Movement, Chicago, USA

Part of the Neighbourhoods Network/Urban Strings Masterplan. Drawing from the 'Small Schools' movement, new schools - for 200 students and grades K-4 or 5-8 - are proposed to link to new housing and be open to all residents. Each school would offer a unique facility, allowing public use and fitting within a network of services shared by surrounding existing schools. Project was completed in collaboration with Adam Lubinski.
[ 0521 ] Chicago Architectural Club


Community Facility, Haringey, London, UK

This scheme seeks to intensify use of existing allotments, provide a public education resource, and establish links between important local landmarks. A small market pavilion is created in a neglected corner of the Fuel Lands allotment perimeter to Coldfall Wood. The pavilion provides a grower's market and an education facility A new path picks it’s way through the trees from the pavilion down to the playing fields. A day out is now possible: market visit, walk in the woods, playing on the fields. 
[ 1001 ] London Borough of Haringey via the RIBA


Ideas Stores, Tower Hamlets, London, UK 

Part of the rejuvenation of libraries in the London borough of Tower Hamlets via the Idea Store initiative. The study scourers the borough for suitable sites and systematically reports on their suitability. Four sites were identified and feasibility studies run on each, assessing access, massing and architectural issues
[ 0513 ] Urban Practitioners


Research Shack, Brisbane, Australia

Proposal for a sub-tropical housing prototype, using shaded outdoor rooms in the midplan, connecting private spaces for withdrawl which are elevated above the ground terrain.
[ 9701 ] Private


Music Room, Haringey, London, UK

Feasibility study for a new build music room.
[ 1207 ] Coldfall Primary School