Free-span House, Sydenham, London, UK

The capability of materials to form space sometimes outstrip their social use. In this house, the original 60’s free-spanning structure had been buried in a cellular Victorian plan, reflecting suburban domestic values of the day. This project therefore radically opens the spaces, matching the promise of the original structure, and synchronising the use with today’s living practices. The scheme includes a striking suspended system of joinery which branches off the original structure.
[ 0415 ] Private


Diplomatic Residence, Holland Park, London, UK

£5.6M major alteration and extension of mansion house with diplomatic functions. In the major refurbishment and fitout of the grade II listed mansion house, the scheme pursues the dual approach of careful restoration of the original listed building and the insertion of room-like contemporary elements manufactured off site and placed in the floor plan like pieces of furniture.  The scheme also includes a large underground new-build leisure facility and dining hall. The 500 sqm extension to the rear of the property accommodates major new spaces including a large ceremonial dining hall, swimming pool, and related leisure facilities. The other-worldliness of the underground extension is exploited architecturally, with major rooms/halls reading as separate buildings set within an abstracted water landscape. A fully landscaped garden is reinstated over the extension. 
[ 0623 ] Qatari royal family


House for Art Students, Brisbane, Australia

Designed as shared accommodation for art students, this building is arranged as a series of introverted sleeping chambers accessed from large open verandahs and common facilities.The design concentrates on questions of climate, topography, and material detailing in a way redolent of some Asian architectures. The fabric draws on a small palette of durable self finishing materials such as copper, fibre cement, and red ironbark. Normally manufactured items were all hand made on site. 
[ 0902 ] Rosebery Investments


House, Guildford, UK

Alteration and refurbishment of an existing children's home into a large mansion house in Guildford. Existing major rooms are retained and restored with new elements strategically introduced to complement the house’s stature and excellent siting. Circulation and secondary spaces are completely reconfigured and rebuilt adding a new ease and lightness to the house. A new swimming pool and leisure facilities are discretely created in the basement, benefiting from new light-wells and landscaping at ground level.
[ 0715 ] Private


House by the Wood, Haringey, London, UK

Reorganisation of the existing plan layout and creation of a new 'landscape building' extension radically transforms this original brick end-of-terrace house. A new polished concrete slab replaces the previous timber ground floor, greatly increasing ceiling heights and transforming room proportions. A large new living room/conservatory is provided to the rear garden in the form of a grass-roofed pavilion, clad in oak. Carefully detailed glazing is used to maintain the distinction between the extension building and the original house.
[ 0904 ] Private Commission


Inlay Apartment, Kensington + Chelsea, London, UK

Major refurbishment of a mansion apartment. 
[ 0419 ] Private

Screen House, Brisbane, Australia

New family house in Brisbane, Australia. The scheme leads with a large folded exterior screen which works to encircle and protect the spaces from the subtropical sun and provide privacy. A rich spatial environment results inside, with internal and external rooms intermingling and sharing material and atmospheric qualities. Shaded outdoor space is provided at multiple levels including a ‘crows nest’ at the top for views, special meals, and occasional sleeping in the summer. 
[ 0716 ] Private


Coach House, Guildford, UK

Conversion of a listed coach house into residential use.  
[ 0706 ] Private


House Below, Knightsbridge, London, UK

Major extension and renovation of a three-storey terrace house in a west-London Conservation Area. The project carefully rearranges existing rooms at all levels and forms a large new open-plan living area at basement level. An extended courtyard to the rear delivers excellent daylighting to all floors.
[ 1404 ] Private


Pavilion House, Dulwich, London, UK

Extending this large house in South London relies on an ambiguity in the new work as a house extension or as a detached garden entity. The glazed 'pavilion' with its planted roof cuts into and extends the existing kitchen, connecting it to the landscape beyond. Previously lost, the original rear façade with its bay window is returned to the garden elevation.  
[ 0302 ] Private


Open House, Dulwich, London, UK

Extension and refurbishment of Victorian terrace house in south London. The proposed design solves the problems of impeded aspect to the rear garden and poor internal lighting by reconstruction and extension of the entire rear half of the house. The design resists infilling the house's existing side courtyard by strategically shifting the proposed extension toward the garden, opening excellent daylighting to all ground floor rooms.
[ 0907 ] Private


Umbra House, Southwark, London, UK
Alteration and extension of residence. A large picture window to the rear garden is coupled with a generous window seat providing a comfortable niche overlooking the rear garden.
[ 0714 ] Private


Writer's House, Dulwich, London, UK

Residential extension. 
[ 0717 ] Private


House in Reverse, Southwark, London, UK

The rear extension of a tall two-storey terrace house in south London is expressed as a separate smaller building, yet connected to complementary with the main house. The extension accommodates a generous new family kitchen and window-seat, day lit from above, which releases spaces in the existing ground floor allowing them to combine and reorient in new and positive ways. A set-piece composition to the rear garden juxtaposes the contemporary elevation of the extension with the Victorian detailing of the existing house.
[ 1403 ] Private


House, Highgate, London, UK

Alteration and extension of a mansion house. 
[ 1206 ] Private




Gap House, Twickenham, Middlesex, UK
Into a narrow gap site between residential and commercial uses an interwoven proposal was inserted with a retail unit at ground level and a two bedroom apartment above. 
[ 0411 ] Private


Pinnate Apartment, Fitzrovia, London, UK

Major refurbishment of Bloomsbury mansion apartment. 
[ 0505 ] Private


Fabric House, Chelsea, London, UK

Major extension to existing listed residence.
[ 0708 ] Private


House of Reticules, Highgate, London, UK

Major alteration and reconfiguration of a large mansion house. The material selection of rich interior was inspired by the client's extensive accessory collection. Weathered leather linings are combined with faceted ceramic fittings. 
 [ 1206 ] Private Commission


Reflected Apartment, Kensington, London, UK

Major alteration to residence, including design and construction of bespoke furniture and lighting. 
[ 0604 ] Private


Bench House, Dulwich, London, UK

Alteration of an existing Victorian property to create connected kitchen and dining areas. Internally, services and clutter are absorbed by two new storage walls, leaving a 'floating' oak bench and seat to lead the composition. 
[ 0517 ] Private


Juncture House, Camberwell, London, UK

Residential extension. 
[ 0519 ] Private



House, Haringay, London, UK

Residential alteration and refurbishment.
[ 0605 ] Private


Photographer's House, Camberwell, London, UK

Residential extension and major refurbishment. 
[ 0520 ] Private


Compact Apartment, Hackney, London, UK

Residential alteration.     
[ 0514 ] Private


House, Seven Sisters, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension.
[ 0421 ] Private


Garden Room, Camberwell, London, UK

Residential alteration and extension to create a garden room.  
[ 0405 ] Private


Cloister House, Brisbane, Australia

Residential alteration and extension to a traditional fibro cottage. The design includes a fractal, hardwood garden shelter. 
[ 0402 ] Private


Sliding Apartment, Clerkenwell, London, UK

Major residential alteration. Lateral conversion of Smithfield workers cottages.
[ 0401 ] Private