Council of Representatives, Baghdad, Iraq

Part of the Iraq Parliament scheme, the Council of Representatives building stands as one of the primary elements. The forms of the landmark buildings are stable, elemental forms sitting firmly on the ground. Their raised profiles read clearly above the firm horizontal datum of the low rise fabric.
[ 1111 ] Federal Government of Iraq


New Quarter, Kadhimiya,  Iraq

Part of the Holy city masterplan. On the disused space to the west of the centre a collection of major new buildings is proposed, formed around a new primary western axis from the Shrine. The buildings are strategically arranged on a raised plane, which carries a large variety of logistical services inside, but which also allows a vehicle-free environment at surface level for the large number of visitors. The new Mosque, Library, Religious School, and religious/general administration buildings are assembled here. Dramatically top-lit Eating Halls are placed at natural ground level adjacent the local urban street pattern, for easy movement from all sides.
[ 0905 ] Baghdad Mayoralty


Ideas Stores, Tower Hamlets, London, UK 

Part of the rejuvenation of libraries in the London borough of Tower Hamlets via the Idea Store initiative. The study scourers the borough for suitable sites and systematically reports on their suitability. Four sites were identified and feasibility studies run on each, assessing access, massing and architectural issues.
[ 0513 ] Urban Practitioners

Health Centre, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction

Administrative Building, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction

Mosque, Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement.
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Mosque, Al Almeria, Iraq

Part of the new low-rise housing settlement.
[ 1102 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction

Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK 

Study addressing the development possibilities and technical problems raised by two major landslips in the sloping terrain of Cliffs Gardens at Southend-on-Sea. A public gallery and museum is proposed on one of the slip sites, taking advantage of the vigorous topography, garden setting, and extensive views.
[ 0523 ] Urban Practitioner

Community Centre, Cranbrook, UK 

A site study exploring options for redevelopment of an existing community facility. The study focuses on issues such as area and unit yields, parking, amenity, potential uses, plot distribution, and massing.
[ 0701 ] Urban Practitioners


Location: Tangier, Morocco
Research Student: Nithita Fongtanakit, UCL BPro MArch UD RC12 2012/13


"A network of public facilities for supporting women in the current structure of the city, distributed in response to variations in population density. The interventions provide new spaces for gathering and job creation, education, discussion and social interaction. The interventions are not centrally superimposed but respond to existing organisations and settings already identified within the city to provide facilities, funding, management and self-organisation. The network structure will form a co-operative to provide economic, labour and educational exchanges."   NF

Claiming New Territory

Location: Tangier, Morocco
Research Student: Iulia Fratila, UCL BPro MArch UD RC12 2012/13


"Along the Northern coast of Morocco there are multiple boundaries and areas with different “jurisdictions“. Physical and social conditions emerge from these: urban sprawl near the free-zones, new neighbourhoods built through remittances, and for many, a lack of engagement with the city."

A network of new towers is proposed to be inserted in the existing fabric of the Medina, as an initial phase for the network. The used plots will either be vacant lots, houses in ruins or normal houses if the necessity for a community centre exists in the area.


Location: Tangier, Morocco
Research Student: Ester Fernandez Aragones, Ni Nyoman Dewi, UCL BPro MArch UD RC12 2013/14


"Tangier has for most of the last decade operated as a border, a place of transition between Africa and Europe. In recent decades it has been the site of mass migration for those wishing to flee Africa for the economic possibilities of Europe. Since the global financial crisis, and focussed strategies from the Moroccan Monarchy, Tangier has seen a shift in these migratory pattern which has seen it become a destination.

The proposal seeks to integrate the migrants into the heart of Tangier both economically and geographically by setting up a network of facilities both for the migrants and for the state to aid this integration. THe networks form routes that are located around key public gathering spaces geographically located such that Tangier’s position between the Strait of Gibraltar and The Atlas mountain can be read and understood."  EFA, NND