Economic Housing, Islington, London, UK 

The overall accommodation program is broken down and expressed as individual buildings addressing the two street frontages of St John’s Grove and Brookside Road. To Brookside Road, four 1-bed apartments are placed whose ground floor mass continues to St John’s Grove to create a plinth which contains two 2-bed apartments with gardens front and back. Across the plinth then stand two 2-bed maisonettes articulated as individual architectural forms facing St John’s Grove.
[ 1311 ] Peabody

Social + Supported Housing, Islington, London, UK 

£3M new-build social and supported housing scheme in Islington. Project included: site reconfiguration; funding preparation; repeated scenario testing for planning, environmental, and community issues; reconciliation of neighbouring uses. Breeam ‘Excellent’, Code 4.
[ 1003 ] Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association, West London Mission

Terraced Housing,  Dhī Qār, Iraq

Part of the new economic housing settlement. 
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Prototype House Mock-up, Iraq 

Sample prototype house constructed under Ministry scrutiny demonstrating proof of concept and proposed insulated concrete form (ICF) technology. 
[ 1205 ] State Commission for Housing


Housing Typology, Al Ameria, Iraq

Part of the new low-rise housing settlement. 
[ 1102 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction

High-density Apartment Buildings, Al-Tajeyat, Iraq

Part of the new high-density housing settlement.  
[ 1203 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction

Art Student Housing, Brisbane, Australia 

Designed as shared accommodation for art students, this building is arranged as a series of introverted sleeping chambers accessed from large open verandahs and common facilities.The design concentrates on questions of climate, topography, and material detailing in a way redolent of some Asian architectures. The fabric draws on a small palette of durable self finishing materials such as copper, fibre cement, and red ironbark. Normally manufactured items were all hand made on site. 
[ 0902 ] Rosebery Investments


Apartments,  Dhī Qār, Iraq 

Part of the new economic housing settlement. Text required. 
[ 1208 ] Ministry of Housing and Construction


Multi-residential City Block, Hackney, London, UK

A mixed use, full-block multi-residential scheme for Workspace on the Parmiter Industrial Estate. The building has small commercial at ground floor and residential to upper floors on an inner-city London site. A new ground plane of amenity space for residents is formed over the commercial parking in the central block area. Units are clustered in groups around cores and provided with generous private outdoor space.     
[ 0601 ] Urban Practitioners


Beach Housing, Entertainment City Beach, Doha, Qatar

Site design and massing scheme including proposals for a series of high value beach-front residences. 
[ 1112 ] Private


Communal Housing, Järvenpää, Finland

Proposal for a new urban extension incorporating communal landscapes and varied housing typology. 
[ 0903 ] Järvenpää Municipality


Residential Facility, Highbury, London, UK

Major alteration and extension Katherine Price Hughes House a multi-storey residential facility in Highbury for previous offenders. 
[ 0801 ] West London Mission

Mews Housing, Lawndale, Chicago, USA

Part of the Neighbourhoods Network Masterplan. The scheme proposes urban ‘strings’ of new mews-like streets threading across Chicago’s wide grey-stone street grid, bringing much-needed density and services to the impoverished Lawndale area. Lined with economical low rise housing, the strings align to form protected routes to proposed schools at the neighbourhood scale. Project was completed in collaboration with Adam Lubinski..
[ 0521 ] Chicago Architectural Club


Step Housing, Chiswick, London, UK 

Development site study and scenario testing for new multi-residential development. The schemes address difficult geometry and access yet enhance the secluded setting. Originally a goods yard and lay-by adjacent to an active railway station, the triangular site is here transformed to accommodate nine one-bedroom units each with private external space. The challenge of the site shape and the architectural design of the units (together with its solutions to acoustic, access, and overlooking issues) creates a unique development. 
[ 0420 ] Westgreen Construction Ltd


Oblique Apartments, Forest Gate, London, UK

Change of use and major refurbishment to create residential apartments.           
[ 0406 ] Private


Apartments, Clapton, London, UK

Extension and conversion of existing commercial building to create apartments. 
[ 0301 ] Private


Creative Apartments, Islington, London, UK

Change of use and creation of live/work apartments for companies from the creative industries.  
[ 1002 ] Private


Apartments, Manor Park, London, UK

Building extension to create residential apartments. 
[ 0507 ] Private