ASSEMBLAGE develops its design approach through research.

This research is carried out in association with Universities, other studios, individuals, and via in-house projects.

Examples of research work are included within the selected project pages. 


ASSEMBLAGE lead Design in the Masters of Architecture in Historic Urban Environments [MAHUE] at The Bartlett, University College London (UCL). 

ASSEMBLAGE have also led a Masters Unit in Urban Design at The Bartlett, University College London (UCL).  The Unit undertook long-term research through design of the challenges of global urbanisation.

The programme pioneered the development of a more diverse and creative approach to the reinterpretation and reuse of historical environments in cities around the world.


ASSEMBLAGE supports The London School of Architecture (LSA) as part of the Practice Teaching Network


ASSEMBLAGE are are a member of the steering committee for CLOUD the Centre for London Urban Design

CLOUD is a centre for research, debate, and projects that address spatial and environmental issues facing London through innovative architecture and urban design. CLOUD is focused on the practical application of the research being carried out.


ASSEMBLAGE are a member of Londonon a rolling research and residency programme in cities around the globe,.

Londonon is run by collaborating London based architecture practices. We pool resources, question, collaborate, make and experience — to broaden our minds, expand our reach and widen our world view.