We have always valued diversity in approach both across and within individual projects. This position includes a resistance to a house style preferring to tailor our solutions individually both aesthetically and functionally to the client, brief and context. We also do not believe that there is a single defining point that separates architectural design from urban design.

Assemblage believe that quality can be achieved within any budget through intelligent design and informed decision making. Our work is materially rich, meticulously crafted and inventive.We work up from first principles and are not afraid to ask questions of the brief. Our approach keeps things simple and ingenious, avoids homogeneity and creates focus. Through materiality and design we ensure our work ages well.


ASSEMBLAGE are an Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered Practice

ASSEMBLAGE are registered with the Architect's Registration Board


ASSEMBLAGE runs a Masters Unit in Urban Design at University College London. It operates a unique design program operating to both learn from the past and to question principles from grass roots level. Assumptions are constantly being questioned, and there is a continual assessment of the undulations of cause and effect within all aspects of different societies. 

ASSEMBLAGE run a research cluster in urban design as part of the UCL postgraduate programme


ASSEMBLAGE support the London School of Architecture as part of the LSA teaching network



ASSEMBLAGE won the UN HABITAT Economic Housing commission International design competition.

ASSEMBLAGE Director Hannah Corlett's work in Iraq was Highly Commended at the International Women in Architecture awards in 2014.


ASSEMBLAGE were awarded first place in the International competition for the design of the new Iraq Parliament.

ASSEMBLAGE judged the 2013 Tamayouz Iraqi Architecture Awards


ASSEMBLAGE use Autodesk Revit which is the world's leading building information modelling  [BIM]  software. It allows us to design a building and structure and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements and access building information from the building models database. Revit is 4D BIM capable with tools to plan and track various stages in the building's life-cycle, from concept to construction and later demolition.

ASSEMBLAGE use building information modelling

Strategies for minimising energy use are integral to all projects and supporting sustainable technologies are implemented wherever possible. The practice has a record of achieving BREEAM ratings of Excellent for its completed new build buildings.

ASSEMBLAGE has a record of achieving BREEAM ratings of Excellent for its new build completed buildings.

Technical and Quality auditing is carried out to rigorous standards. Our Quality Management 
Systems use the RIBA Quality Management Tool-kit and supplementary guidance from other authoritative sources. Within the studio we are committed to the operation and upkeep of our systems, which are regularly reviewed and updated against our own methods and innovations and against changes in external influences be they quality standards, legislation, industry standards, custom or practice. 

Our in-house visualisation team produce abstract and fully rendered visualisations, as well as films and animations. Our in-house graphics team produce reports, submission, presentation and exhibition material for each project. As well as the design, layout and production of all printed material for the studio, the team also develops graphic identities, signage and materials palettes for built work. 

ASSEMBLAGE produce conceptual sketch models to large scale presentation models in-house. Making models is an integral part of our design process and the most direct way of exploring spatial, structural and formal issues. 



ASSEMBLAGE are involved in community consultation and brief development. Community involvement and leadership in the design and planning process are playing an increasingly fundamental role and architects must work more collaboratively with communities.

Localism is the driving principle underpinning the Government’s changes to the policy framework for planning, housing, regeneration and economic growth. The proposals involve a radical devolution of responsibilities to the local level, giving new powers and opportunities to councils and communities to plan and design their places. The aim is to drive change at a local level and empower communities with new rights to have more say in the development process.  

ASSEMBLAGE is a supporter and contributor to the RIBA Knowledge Communities. The RIBA Knowledge Communities are networks of architects, engineers, surveyors, architectural technologists and other built environment professionals engaging in specialist subjects across the construction industry. They make up cooperative environments with spaces to debate, facilitate and collaborate with the built environment community on topics ranging from highly focused technical issues to pan-industry policy consultations. Its purpose is to connect and engage these professionals in the advancement of their specific subjects of interest.

ASSEMBLAGE are supporters and contributors to the Open_City Open_House London scheme.

ASSEMBLAGE are supporters and contributors to the Big Draw Campaign.


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